Question Having issues with my external hard drive. Possible solutions?

Nov 16, 2020
Hello, currently new to this site, but I had a question about an ssd.
I'm currently having some issues with my external hard drive. One day while using it, it just stopped functioning all of a sudden. The light still turns on and the drive still vibrates as though it's still alive, yet I can't access any of the contents within the drive. I attempted to locate the drive through the disk management method also, but didn't work.

The drive in question is a WD - Easystore 2TB External USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive, and it contains a lot of stuff on it from my Steam library, pictures, videos, and some important files I'd rather not risk have deleted if I can manage. But yeah, are there any methods I could attempt to extract the content from this drive or possibly fix it without needing to send it in? Specifically keen on doing it myself because, well, I also have pornographic content on it lol, and it would feel embarrassing sending that to someone to fix. I'm no tech specialist in any way, so I would appreciate any tips or advice.

Would purchasing another of the exact drive and replacing that green circuitboard looking part or using a Sata or something work? If the sata would work, I'd appreciate suggestions since looking into those myself just looked so complicated in regards to specifying the criteria necessary.