Question Having issues with my GN246HL monitor from acer 144hz

Oct 23, 2019
Hello I got this monitor 6 months ago to pair with my gtx 1050ti and i7 8700 but then when I got a RTX 2060 there were only hdmi and dp which my monitor does not support 144hz output but the dvi has 144hz so I was using that but after getting the new card im having issues anybody know a way to play 144hz on my monitor or do I have to spend 200 bucks for a new one?
The GN246HL only supports 144Hz over Dual Link DVI, HDMI is locked to 60Hz on that monitor. If you want to run 144Hz on that GPU with that monitor, your only option is to get an active Dual Link DVI to DisplayPort adapter. Theses adapters are pricey though and usually cost about $100 while also increasing latency and causing a bit of a hit in picture quality. At that point it does make simply getting a newer monitor look more attractive.



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