Question Having issues with new built PC


Nov 24, 2017
PC Specs:

Ryzen 7 3700x (stock cooler Wraith Prism)
Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 (Rog Strix Gaming OC edition)
16 GB (3600mhz) RAM G.Skill Ripjaws
EVGA 550W Gold
Win 10

Been having a few issues for a while now:

1) my computer seems to freeze up every once in awhile when im on Chrome and on Twitch, the sound works, but my keyboards stops responding, and if i use my mouse to click on anything it will automatically freeze said action. Like if right-click and then left-click refresh, that little window will stay there on the screen, and it does that for any action i use with my mouse, and the only way i can fix it is by turning my computer off from the power button. If I press the restart button, the computer recognizes that commend but it will stay on a black screen, until i fully power it off.

2) And today I decided to do clean some of the dust that was building up in my PC, mainly in CPU fan and heatsink. So I shut down my computer switched the PSU from "ON" to "OFF" and turned the power off on my surge protector as well before finally unplugging the PSU cable. When I shut down my PC the screen shut down, but it took another 10sec before the rest of the computer turned off.

So I take out my GPU and CPU fan to dust them off with compressed air and reapply thermal paste of the CPU. After doing so, I install the parts back to where they were and plug all the cables back into their original slots. Only this time the CPU fan doesnt spin and I am hit with a CPU FAN ERROR upon booting up my PC. I've tried switching which pins i have the CPU fan hooked up to and it still doesnt register it or spin, but the other fans in my case work perfectly fine.

I dont know if my CPU or motherboard has failed or if its something entirely different... I've gone into the Bios to try and get the CPU fan to work, that doesnt work, my Bios is updated to the latest version. At this point im just ready to RMA all the parts back unless anyone has any idea what's wrong with my system...

any advice is welcomed, Thank you.


May 24, 2016
It sounds like a faulty cpu or faulty motherboard, the only way to tell is to test a different cpu on the motherboard and see if you still get the problem and if it still does it then i would rma the mobo just to be safe.