Having LOTS of trouble with XP and my new Camera -- Help! :)


Sep 16, 2006
Hey ,
I'm having a lot of trouble capturing video off of my new camera: The Canon XH-A1.

Whenever I connect the camera through my firewire cable, it gives me a message about 'new hardware' AV/C Subunit or something like that. This is strange because I thought XP would install the hardware automatically.

I read a forum that said that I needed to put some drivers in a directory. I went and looked for the things in the Windows SP2.cab, found 'em and copied them to my desktop. I tried to insert them into my windows/system32/drivers directory manually. They were already there, so I didn't copy them in.

Next, I plugged the camera back in, and chose install new hardware. I said install from a specific location, and it gave me a list of devices. I chose AVC Device Class - then it took me to a subcategory which had two options: AVC Device or Virtual AVC device. I chose AVC device, and clicked okay. It brought up a warning that I shouldn't install this driver because it can't be verified that this is what is needed for the hardware and that it could cause problems with my computer. I said yes anyway, the hardware installed, but it said it has a problem. I tried the Virtual AVC device, and again, the same thing. I tried reinstalling Windows XP Service Pack 2, and it had no effect.

I found this:
The problem is that I looked for the two file names to change, and they were already changed. So I guess that's not going to work.

Still no capture in Premiere Pro, and XP is still not recognizing my camera when it is in HDV mode -- I decided to try to capture off of a friend's computer. I installed Premiere Pro 2.0, and the Canon HDV presets for Premiere Pro. I plugged the camera in with the firewire port. It recognized it instantly as a Canon HDV XH-A1. I opened premiere pro, and it captured the video fine. So there must be something missing in my drivers or something for XP - That's why I posted this in this section.

I could really use some help from someone. I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me? I would be so grateful!! :)