Question Having problem with bios I think and system 32 files

Jan 6, 2022
Ok so starting like 12 hours ago I had an issue where I was installing something and I needed to reset my pc but since my pc has had an issue for like 2 or 3 months and I haven’t been able to update it as it just loops and keeps going. I only had the option to power off and update, or restart and update even though I only wanted to restart. So from there my pc instantly powered off and starting giving me a 3 long 2 short beep code. Fixed it then it gave a 4 fixed them and I still wasn’t able to get my pc to work properly or boot into the login screen. So I was frustrated and went to sleep for about 5 hours woke up and for about 2 hours I was getting no display at all. Now I’m getting 2 long 2 short and after all the research I’ve done all the answers I’m coming across are to flash/ reset bios and 1- I don’t know how to even get into my bios with my specific pc and 2- I don’t know if that’s right. Also there was an error when my pc was trying to restart into regular mode I guess where it said something about I was missing trail.txt or something close to that from my system 32 files never fixed it I’m sure but I haven’t seen the error again

Sorry for any spelling errors or grammatical errors I was rushing to post this for help, and plz help because I use my pc daily and need it to be working in a few hours.