Question Having problems with my system when I’m gaming

Mar 9, 2019
So in this week I started downloading and installing new bios, chipset, and audio drivers from my motherboard manufacturer web page (asus b350-f gaming motherboard) and since them I’m having all kind of problems with my games. Battlefield V started freezing in the main menu, metro last last crashes randomly, Wolfenstein 2 stops working and now Rainbow Six Siego stopped responding and I could see the frame problem icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. So I have msi afterburner and Aorus software, Aorus to control my gpu fans speed and msi to over clock it and I always make sure both have the same overclock setting, I have try to play games with or without this program running and issues still persist, I restarted my computer (erase all drivers and programs) with windows 10 pro but I also disable my hard drives where I have all my games data before hand so I don’t had to download everything again, I have windows 10 in a ssd just to clarify. I downloaded driverbooster to update all my drivers and the problems still occur.

System specs:

Ryzen 5 2600x clocked at 4.20 ghz
Asus b350-f gaming
Sandisk 250gb ssd
1 terabyte hard drive
Gigabyte rtx 2070 gaming oc white
16 gb patriot viper 3000mhz
750w evga power supply
Windows 10 pro

Can somebody please help me with this issue?

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