Question Having problems with old monitor

Dec 8, 2019
Hi, I recently had my old monitor fixed so I can use it for dual monitors, but when I connect in to my GPU the "Input not supported" message shows on the screen and, for what ever reason, in the windows settings and AMD Radeon settings it shows that the resolution of the monitor is 1366x1536. I'm using VGA to DVI adapter, and I don't know whether that is the problem because I've been using it on my new monitor and it worked fine, somehow it doesn't have DVI port, then I realized I can use HDMI.

I tried many things: repluging the cable and adapter, setting custom resolution, messing with GPU settings, but nothing really helped.

At some point, i got it working but the resolution was off bounds, no matter which resolution I put. Then I managed to disable stretching of resolution and it ended up being an off centered 4:3, again, no matter which resolution I put. Then again, I don't know what actually happened, but resolution was stretched, in bounds of the monitor but woundn't accept anything but 640x480, if I put any other it would just say "Input not supported".

I guess that the problem is old monitor on new GPU.

The monitor is ACER g195hqv, I don't know if this information means anything.

I would appreciate any help.

EDIT: The old monitor displays just fine while the PC is booting, the resolution is good, not off bounds and no stretching, but once it gets to log in screen it's an instant "Input not supported".
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