[SOLVED] Having problems with uninstalling Avast

Oct 1, 2020
So I installed avast a while ago to scan for viruses on my pc instead of defender (just to be safe). Now after doing a scan, no viruses were detected so i decided to download the Avast Uninstaller. I ran the uninstaller while still not in safe mode then it let me choose to boot to safe mode and i said yes. then after that i clicked not now on the restart option because i had a few things to do first . After that i manually restarted my pc then after a while it was just black, as if my monitor is turned off that's it just plain black. After a while i pressed the reset button on the case of my pc and it restarted but then it let me choose where to boot, Either Windows 10 or the Avast Uninstaller with volume 3 stuff. I chose the avast stuff then same thing happened, just black screen. I again restarted my pc then this time i chose windows 10 and thankfully it did boot to windows 10.

I ran the uninstaller again and same thing happened as last one. After 3 tries i decided to just uninstall avast even without safe mode and yeah it worked. Then it wanted me to restart again because it said that some files were not fully removed not unless restarted. So i said yes on the restart. It went to a black screen again but after a short while it let me choose again where to boot. Avast or Windows 10. So i just chose Windows 10. After booting to windows 10 i also deleted the uninstaller and also some restarted and i restarted my pc again but this time because i want to. Same thing black screen, want's me to choose where to boot. Chose windows 10 and succesfully boot to windows 10. I shut down the pc and started it again after 30 seconds and its still wanting me to choose where to boot. And its getting very annoying so is there any way to stop this?
That’s because that is one of the biggest malware around and they make it so that you can’t uninstall it. If it was me I would format the drive and reinstall windows and never again install that garbage software

Any piece of garbage that takes control of my PC is just that garbage and it should never be installed for any reason. Now you’re stuck until you reinstall windows cleanly