Question Having problems with Xbox One Controller for windows 10

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I have started having problems with my controller after Microsoft released its windows update patches from October 22nd.
Microsoft had added on a new driver for xbox one controller and ever since then it has failed to work or start up correctly without crashing.
try updating your xbox controller firmware maybe?
might be too old
its done through this app
you will need to connect your controller either with USB cable or with microsoft xbox dongle (not with bluetooth)
if your controller doesnt have 3.5mm jack for headphones, then you can use only USB cable for controller updates

xbox app also need to be updated
I did that last week, and it didn't do anything, also microsoft included no dongle or usb cord when I bought it from bestbuy 2 months ago.
controller with dongle costs a little bit more than controller without dongle
no usb cable included, any usb cable will do, its low power
dongle is handy as it doesnt have bluetooth issues as bluetooth on windows aint really perfect and with xbox dongle it can handle 4 controllers
you sure its not your bluetooth whats acting up? try reinstalling bluetooth drivers or try different bluettoth driver version
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