Question Having some issues with pc. Possible motherboard failure?


Feb 24, 2017
For the past year I have been having random issues with gaming pc and I suspect that possibly my motherboard is faulty. I have had random shutdowns happen out of nowhere and odd fatal error messages pop up while shutting down my pc. The most recent issues I had were 2 of my ram sticks just failing last month, and just today I had a boot error reset my xmp settings to default.

My build is as follows :
Gigabyte Ga z270x ultra gaming motherboard
Intel I7 7700k
Cryorig h7
2 sets of Gskill Trident z 16gb @3200mhz. The ram I had before this was 32gb of corsair vengeance lpx @3000mhz but 2 of the 4 sticks burned out on me.)
Evga supernova g3 650 watt psu
Evga Gtx 1070 sc
Samsung 970 EVO 1 TB nvme
Wd black 4tb hdd

Please let me know of any tests you want me to run or additional information needed.
Random shut downs like that typically point to a PSU issue. Can you get another one to try out? Perhaps a lend from a friend?

If you have any OC's on either CPU/GPU/Ram i'd take them off and try running system at stock. You could laso try it with just the iGPU, which would take a big load off the PSU. If the system runs okay on the iGPU, then chances are the PSU is done.

The G3 is a great PSU, how old is it? It could be failing.

Vic 40

To add on the ram,if you did mix two sets try each set on it's own. Also with 4 sticks @3200mhz might the cpu need a (small) overclock or maybe abit of a voltage boost on the ram and/or memory controller.