Question having trouble finding problem behind crashes in division 2 and monster hunter world


Sep 21, 2017
I have attached an image of my specs, not listed but my power supply is a 750 watt from corsair (believe it's 80+ bronze)
I recently changed cases from a cooler master h500, to a fractal design meshify S2. I did this because I wanted to use the h150i radaitor from corsair to make my machine a little quieter.
I got all that work done no problem, I didn,t really play any demanding games until now, but I seem to crash every so often in more demanding titles (monster hunter world, division 2, battlefield 5)
I looked at event viewer for failures and such, there is no failures or alerts before the crashes. The only critical alerts are actually it just telling me that the restart was unexpected.
I believe it might be a power draw issue? I am unsure though, I thought 750 watts was enough for my setup. Let me know if something larger would be better.
I do have alot of peripherals sucking power (fancy rgb keyboard, rgb mouse, usb dac/amp, the new h150i, i have a fan controller with this case now, I also have more fans in this case)

(edit) I also strongly believe it is not a thermal problem, the 9900k is very cool with the 150i never climbs above 50 from what I can tell, and the ftw 3 2080ti from EVGA seems to only get up to 68. with ICX the hottest part of the card ive ever seen is a memory module hitting 74.
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