Having trouble running Crysis 2 on 7950 xfire


Oct 5, 2012
resolution im playing at is 1080p and I have the latest AMD drivers.
Game settings are on ultra dx11 high res pack with blackfire mod + MalDoHD.
I get average fps around 30-40 highest is 50fps? low is around 27.
The two cards are factory clocked at 925mhz.
Both cards have a performance 3Dmark11 score of ~7500. 2x crossfire had a performance score around 12xxx.
Given these scores, are the FPS that I'm seeing normal?
I've never played the crysis series. What advice do you have for optimizing game settings giving me 60fps while not compromising too much on the visual quality?

This is my spec: 3770k (auto clocked to 4.1ghz)
2x Radeon HD 7950
8GB 1600mhz RAM

I have lots of room for overclocking, just haven't got around it yet.

Any advice?



Actually no it doesn't, I've noted a much higher frame rate increase since using MaldoHD myself. When Crysis 2 was pushed out, it wasn't very optimised, and still isn't. MaldoHD sort of fixes that.

Without MaldoHD on stock 7850 clocks, maxed out @ 1080p, average 45 FPS, while with MaldoHD on a stock 7850 I'm getting around 49-50.

Also, get rid of that auto clock and run at stock. Often those "auto clocks" put way too much voltage and can put the CPU under some strain, that might be causing your issues.