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Question Having trouble starting Asus ROG z390-e build

Jul 1, 2020
So I just started a build with these parts:
Montech AirXARGB EATX case
ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming MB
i5-9600K LGA1151
Samsung 860 EVO SSD 500gb
Hyper 212EVO
Gigabyte GEForce GTX 1660super
Corsair CX650M
Razer Blackwidow Elite
Razer Mamba Tournament Edition
Acer Nitro VG240Y

Okay so I've connected everything to the best of my knowlegde with help from a few friends and everything powers on correctly EXCEPT my usb ports arent picking up my keyboard or mouse when connected to the MB ports or the case ports. Also the screen powers and auto cycles settings when connected to MB HDMI and Display Ports also GPU HDMI and Display Ports. After cycling it diplays No Signal and enters the screens standby mode. Havent gotten past powering on. No bootup. Theres 4 lights on the right side of the board for CPU, DRAM, VGA, BOOT. When powered on the first light for CPU flashes red and the second light DRAM flashes yellow then stays yellow qnd it never gets past that. Reset buttons and RGB buttons on the case work, but usb slots dont power keyboard or mouse.
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