Having trouble with Norton Ghost 2002...


Dec 23, 2001
Hi -

Well I was trying for half the morning, but then had to go to work.... gonna try again when I get home... I'm trying to get Norton Ghost 2002 to work properly... I want to make a multi-CDR-image of my C: drive (for emergency use to get my system back online fast if windows or a program screws up.... it takes me the better part of a week to re-tweak windows and install all my software, so this would be very helpful for me hehe).

Anyhow.. the trouble is I can't get the boot disk to work (under Windows 2000).... I tried editing it's config.sys file and added the line for my SCSI driver for my Sony Spressa burner (and copied the driver onto the floppy)... but it just hangs while reading off the floppy no matter what I try. Using a Windows 98 boot floppy I got a command prompt, and was able to switch the floppy and start Ghost (without SCSI/mouse/etc drivers loaded)... but the options only want to allow me to image onto A:, which is of course quite impossible.

I'm open to making the image onto my slave drive (I have two 40GB maxtors in the system) and doing the disk-spanning-burn within Windows.... or getting the burner to work in DOS... whatever works. My slave drive (D) is empty at the moment, NTFS, identical size/model.

I'll try calling tech support tomorrow if I "have" to... but if anyone can help tonight that would be great :D

Briefly, my setup includes: Athlon XP 1800+ not/OC, Asus A7V266-E mobo, 512MB DDR2100, two 40GB Maxtor D740X, Windows 2000, latest drivers/bios/etc.


-- David
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Aug 6, 2001
The only workaround I can think of is this...

- Convert your empty Slave to a FAT32 partition.
- Boot into DOS using whichever bootdisk works for you (I'm assuming your C: drive is NTFS, but if you're using a bootdisk it doesn't matter)
- Start ghost using: ghostpe.exe -split=699
(Or under 650 if you're planning on burning to 650MB CDs)
- Save the Image to your Slave
- Burn to a CD through Windows