HBO's The Last of Us - A Video Game TV Adaptation Done Right

Jan 29, 2023
Wow. That first episode was amazing. Supposedly the premiere did better than TWD did in 2009.

Much better than Paramount's Halo travesty.
Its pretty good, the 3rd episode is a bit strange, like half of it just really didn't feel like it had much if anything to do with the main story, nor did it have anything meaningful to the story. I thought they were going to introduce a new plot to the story or like a new base of operations kind of thing, but nope, guy dies and left the truck and a gun for the the main character which he losses the tuck int he 4th episode so idk. Its good though, and I hate TV series.


Dec 31, 2007
I agree that they did rush the show along, and definitely not as emotionally in depth as the game, but it was enjoyable. My family, whom all have played the games multiple times, enjoyed it as well. Overall, we gave the series a 8/10.