i just got an asus 4870 and it worked great for 3 days, but now my computer will run for a few minutes and then it shuts down, rebooting.
and when this happens 3 lights at my graphics card also lights up, they are called:
please help me.
D1601 = heat issue
D1602 = power connector a removed
D1603 = power connector b removed

I think the card or power supply is defective.

might be also just cable connector lose or got unplugged ??

Did you buy online ? you could contact manufacturer and describe problem.

check the cables and if you could borrow a power supply to test out.

Btw whats your PSU?
psu should be fine....


1) check the cable to see if they got disconnected somehow

because the led indicate there heat issues and cable problems.....

2) can you borrow another card to see if it works ?

if you replace card and system is ok, youll get a clear idea that the card is defective


Oct 12, 2009
guys i have a similar problem, my hd 4890 works fine for a few minutes, then my screen goes blank and the led with D1601 is switched on...btw the gpu fan is also not working properly...and this is on a brand new card! couldnt even get to installing windows!

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