Nov 8, 2008
I'm going to build a new computer with an HD 4870 X2. What I wanted to know is if TWO HD 4870 X2's gives a big enough performance boost to be worth purchasing another. I know that triple or quad Crossfire can actually have a negative impact upon framerates, and wanted to know if this would be the case for two HD 4870 X2's. Thanks!


Jan 2, 2008
That is a very philosophical question.

I bought a second a while back after upgrading to i7 and I was able to max everything within reason. The difference was not huge, but it was enough to allow me not to worry about the requirements of games. It all depends, do you want to spend $400 to max everything, or are you happy with maxing most games but not all games? Also if you do not have i7 then the second 4870 x2 wont give you the same boost and then is not recommended.
If u already have a HD 4870X2 then keep it :) i myself have one and i can max out every game @ 1920x1080 resolution(including crysis ) is there any game u have problem with it ?

also helloworld,i disagree with u,although HD 4890 is a great card but HD 4870X2 is better and its worth it especially for those who need CrossFire but they don't have 2 PCI-E Slots