HD 4890 rebooting while gaming


Apr 6, 2010
I have an XFX HD4890, in the past I had a couple of random reboots during games but it was very rare so I didn't worry about it. Now though I am getting reboots every time I game, normally after say an hour or so. This also happens to coincide with my recent upgrade from a 19" to 24" monitor.

I'm thinking it's a heat or PSU issue, I'm not sure how to tell which though. The card is working harder to run at the increased resolution I guess, which would explain why the monitor upgrade might affect it.

I logged the temps while gaming, right before the reboot it was between 80 - 84 on the core and 92-94 on the voltage regs. I'm thinking the latter is a bit hot so maybe the thermal pads are disintegrating? Is that too hot for the regs? I'm not getting any artifacts or anything before the reboots. 80ish on core is normal though right?

There is no BSOD (I set PC not to restart on BSOD) or anything, just a reboot. If it is the PSU (500W OCZ stealthstream) could I run an extra PSU just for the card? I know that sounds odd but the computer is in a cupboard so I don't care how it looks or sounds and I probably have a spare PSU of similar wattage lying around. Or do I just need a higher wattage PSU? Also yes, it is a big cupboard, so I'm fairly sure it's not that which is the problem :)



i think its overheating did you change resolution on the games? because higher resolution means more processing power from video card and means more heat.