HD 5670 playing Alice 2 Madness Returns 1920x1080 high settings

Hey tell me what you think of this video of me playing Alice 2 Madness Returns


it was recorded with FRAPS gaming recorder
then I joined 4 avi files together in Cyberlink PowerDirector 9
using my HD 5670 to accelerate rendering time
took about 20 mins

the HD 5670 was OCd from stock 775core/1000mem to 880core/1200 mem
with my C2D E4500 stock 2.2ghz/800FSB OCd to 3ghz/1066FSB
4gb DDR2-800 CL5
WD Velociraptor 10K rpm HD

My question is with the hardware I got is that decent performance for this setup?


It really is not a good way to compare performance of your system, use 3dmark06 for that.

FRAPS can really kill performance if you don't have a powerful system.

And this forum is not for you to try getting more views for your youtube videos.

Members link youtube videos all the time
and I was using it to demonstrate a game
Which is a valid purpose for youtube
I have had people doubt if my system could play a game
so that is why I created those videos

I could care less about views seriously :non:
Id also thought people might like a look at one of newer games if they havent played it.

And yes I am familiar and use 3dmark06 and 11
been using them since the 3dmark03 days
plus cinebench,furmark,sandra and Passmark test 7

Alot of people on this forum have to learn an old saying

"if you have nothing good to say; say nothing at all"