HD 6870 not running to DVI - VGA monitors


Nov 11, 2011
Hi there, new to the forums and new to building my own machines so excuse my stupidity :
My problem is I just got a new machine, works great other than the fact that i'm having an issue with my eyefinity i have
Radeon 6870 hd
windows 7 64b
acer p2o5h
hp monitor(can't remember exact model)
both monitors are DVI w/ VGA Adapters

I just recently upgraded my Drivers up to date and when I went to detect displays in CCC all it does is refresh the program, i just got the 2nd VGA adapter today so there can't be anything wrong with that, the Monitors and Cables are fine to my knowing and the card itself is almost out of the box new also some important info i've never used ATI cards before and am unfamiliar with CCC but i've been playing with it for hours so i'm almost positive it can't just be me being oblivious to something, anyways anything that you can think of to help would be greatly appreciated if you need any more info i'll report ASAP thanks alot.
If you are using VGA to DVI adapters you may not be able to use the second monitor with the adapter. On a lot of video cards to cut costs the manufacturers only give one DVI port the ability to output in analog, the second DVI port will only output to digital, and thus you can't use a VGA to DVI adapter. You're probably going to have to get a DVI cable for one of your monitors. The DVI port closest to the top of the card is usually the one that is analog capable.

If both your displays are CRT or only have VGA outputs, there isn't much you can do except either replace one of the displays, or RMA the card and try to find a model that has 2 DVI ports that actually can output an analog signal.