Question HD 7570 causes random black screens ?

Apr 2, 2022
I've a Radeon HD 7570 GPU my pc started to give black screen 6 months ago. I changed the monitor, cables and HDMI to VGA still getting the same random black screen.
The pc is running fine in the background the monitor just becomes black completely randomly for split seconds, i can even move mouse and everything but it happens very often like every minute specially in games. I can't even see and yet fps still running. The temperature is fine.

It happens more often when I install the GPU software and happens few times after uninstalling it.
I thought it was from the PSU but I removed the SSD and ran on only HDD and kept only one ram switched between the two rams

PSU zm-400
core quad 9650
6gb ram 2+4
Radeon HD 7570 1gb ddr5
HDD 80gb


This PSU?

How old is the PSU? History of heavy use for gaming?

My thought is that the PSU is likely starting to falter and fail. Especially if only 400 watts and of unknown quality.

Do you have another known working PSU around 600 watts to swap in for testing purposes?

Try swapping in another PSU. Remember do not mix and match in cables from other PSUs.

Use only the cables the come with the test PSU.