Question HD Audio front panel mic port picks up computer audio

May 24, 2019
So I've been building a system with the motherboard being from a dell optiplex 7010. This board has a proprietary front panel connector so after some research and finding the pin outs I soldered the wires from my HD Audio connector to the front panel connector wire (only HD audio and HDD LED needed to be done like this) after doing this and testing the front panel audio everything seemed okay but the audio was a little loud and then I got into a call with a friend and he informed me he could hear the audio from my desktop through my mic so I downloaded audacity and sure enough he was right. I could tell it sounded like electronic interference and I realized that originally the front panel connector had grounded shielding surrounding the inner wires so not knowing much about electronic interference I took some aluminum foil and wrapped it around the HD Audio wires and grounded the foil and to my surprise it actually improved the quality of my audio and lessend the volume of my desktop audio coming through my mic but didn't eliminate it. So I thought I'd make this post before continuing to guess at what I'm doing to see if I could get help from someone with more experience than I. I was thinking of putting more aluminum foil around but I'm not sure if this will help at all or if this is all actually caused by something else. Anyway if anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it.



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