HD found in bios, but not in Vista


Feb 5, 2012

I am rather perplexed by what is going on with my system and hoping for some help.


Yesterday I rebooted my pc after noticing some video and audio programs were occasionally getting a stutter affect. This had only been going on for a couple of days - basically since Warcraft did some optimization patch. The computer booted as far as the Microsoft logo loading screen with the moving light bar, then would go to a black screen after several minutes.

After a number of boot attempts and working with the repair utility on the Vista disc, I was able to get it to reboot to desktop by using a system restore point from a week earlier.

At this point things seemed to work fine - except my second hard drive wasn't showing on the list under "computer". I didn't think much of it, figured I'd work on the problem today. I ran the system check in the cmd and it said it fixed a number of errors. Kept to using a minimum amount of programs as I was still a little unsure of my pc stability, mostly just some music and video watching.

Today first thing I did was reboot hoping this would bring back the drive since I'd done those repairs last night - and again went to that black screen.

Decided to reformat my main hard drive, everything went smoothly for that. Get back to desktop - still no second drive listed under "computer". Doubled checked and it's still listed in the boot menu.

I've also checked and it's not listed in the device manager. There are no ! or ? for anything in the device manager and it says the SM Bus Controller driver is up to date.

During a move last year I lost the mobo driver disc, but I have since downloaded the drivers from the manufacturer's website.

Checked under the "disc management" page - it doesn't show there either. Triple checked bios - yup, still there.

Tried the second drive in my husband's pc - his did the same thing mine was having trouble with yesterday of going to the Microsoft loading bar and then nothing.

Last thing we tried was putting it back in my pc as the only hard drive, windows disc in CD drive and boot from disc. It took me to the tools to instal Windows, I didn't do it as I'd like to access the data on the drive again and don't need it installed on this disc, but was hoping this means the drive isn't dead?

Please let me know if you need more details, not really sure what to list....

Mobo - Gigabyte EP35-DS3L
Drive with trouble - Western Digital 2 TB, Caviar Green (purchased 9 months ago from Newegg)
Operating System - Windows Vista 64

My main questions are:
- Is the hard drive dead?
- If not, how can I get Window's to notice it and use it?
- If I can't use it as is with current data, what next?

Thank you very much for any help you can offer, Lisa


Feb 5, 2012

Hi rolli59!

It does not appear on that page.

I have also tried swapping in a different drive as secondary and it does show up - so hardware and software are working right to be able to discover another drive.

I then put the "broken" second drive back into my computer - it wouldn't boot up. I unplugged it, booted with only my main drive got to desktop.

Then plugged back in the "broken" drive and was able to boot to desktop. It's still not recognized other than in bios.

Thank you! Lisa