Question HD speed

Nov 30, 2021
I'm reviving a build from 2011ish to capture old raw dvcam footage to show to wedding studios as I get back to shooting/editing.

Will build a 4K system soon but for now my main specs are -
i7 - 860, 6G ram on a Asus P6T WS Pro. This mobo has 2x PCIe 16x , my Quadro FX 1500 is taking up 1 slot. I want to add USB 3.2 internal card that will take up the other 16x. Since the 16x slots will be shared, what kind of transfer speed hit should I expect from 10G asec? I could move the video card to the PCIe 1x slot for a better Quadro card( used $40) Would that be worth it? Should I just get a new sATA 2.0 drive vs internal USB 3? I'm 10 years behind so thanks for the tips !
The best hard drives cap out at around 200-250MB/sec in ideal conditions. This won't saturate SATA II speeds (which cap out at 300 MB/sec). And just stick with SATA. There's no point in going to USB internally for storage.

Also it's not worth it to get another video card.