HD Tune alternative for error scanning?


Dec 25, 2016
Hi everyone,

I've been using the free HD Tune for many years and love it. I just bought a 4TB drive, and HD Tune free doesn't recognize over 2TB apparently.

Is there a good alternative that will error scan? I tried HDDScan, but I'm not a fan on the interface or overall usability. I have to run the program in XP compatibility mode, and after 24 hours the scan froze.

Can anyone suggest a similar program to HD Tune that will scan for bad sectors? I've debated downloading the free trial of HD Tune Pro (since I assume it will recognize all new drives), but I won't be doing so well after the trial runs out.
Merry Christmas & Welcome to the community, @smokingjoeblazer!

Using third-party diagnostic utilities is a good way to benchmark the health & SMART results of your drive. However, it's highly recommended that your go-to HDD testing tool is the manufacturer's brand-specific one. Since it's a brand new HDD, check the official website of its manufacturer. Under the Support page, you should be able to find their specific tool which will help you determine the accurate health and SMART state of the drive.
Always make sure you back up any important data from the drive somewhere else as well. Keeping duplicates of your files on at least ONE MORE location (storage drive) is the surest way to avoid any potential data loss.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions.

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