HD4870 512MB upgrade to HD4890 1GB ?


Mar 23, 2009
Hi just want to know if its worth it to upgrade to a HD4890 1GB from my 4870 512MB. Im getting stutters in crysis with Very High @1440x900 NoAA. And with all the new games coming out, dont know a 512MB would still be sufficient or not. Any advice ?

Rest of my specs

PII X4 940
4GB DDR 1066
It depends on if ram is actually the limiting factor. My vote though would be to hold on to your current card for now and wait until the 5800 series comes down some in price. It seems a little wasteful to buy a 4890 now that the new cards are out when you already have the notch below it. I don't think you will see a boost in FPS that is high enough to justify the cost of the upgrade. And many of the new games will be DX11, so with a 4890 you wouldn't get the added benefits they bring. So if it is bearable, I'd wait.