HD5750/GF9600GT - Can My PSU Cope?


Oct 5, 2009
Hi, I currently have the following setup:

Pentium D (Dual Core) @ 3GHz
GeForce 7800GTX (256MB RAM) in an x16 PCIe 1.0 lane
375W Dell PSU which can supply 18A on each of two 12V rails.
Monitor @ 1920 x 1200

I'm looking to upgrade the graphics card, and think that one of the following would be a good bet:

GeForce 9600GT (Peak Power = 85.7W)
Radeon HD5750 (Peak Power = 86W)


GeForce 7800GTX (Peak Power = 85.7W)

From what I can tell, I should be able to run either of the proposed cards on my system, and my PSU should cope.

Are there any flaws in my logic?

Thanks for your help!

[And, yes, I know I should do a more general upgrade, but I have decided a GPU upgrade will do me for now]
Most of the new 9600 GTs are actually a different design that uses less power and don't need a power connector. Same story with the 9800 GT so you may want to consider that as well. With your resolution the weakest card I would recommend is probably an HD4770 and also anything more powerful will probably be wasted on that CPU.
An Athlon II quadcore and a motherboard for it wouldn't be too expensive FYI and would be worlds better than that Pentium D.


Jan 17, 2008

1. The OP mentioned that an upgrade will not be the choice now.
2. At 1920x1080 the gaming experience will be GPU bound.
3. Because of the resolution the best future-proof choice (even after a system upgrade) is the 5750 (still better than anything you mentioned).