HD5870 X-Fire


Mar 9, 2009
Hi guys

a friend of mine has got himself two 5870s to run in xfire
he has a huge monitor and AMD965, DDR3 ram.. a very nice setup.

Now the problem is that he cannot get the X-Fire to run properly.. when he tests them on, for example crysis and warhead, the one is only running at 20% and the other one is running full. The guy who helped him install them says that the Catalyst control center automatically deactivates the one card because of software problems and he wont be able to run his X-Fire setup.. He is using Vista 64bit.

Is this true? Doesnt make sense to me.. what drivers should he be using if not the latest catalyst drivers?
Any advice or information is more then welcome as we are totally clueless on how to check this problem.