HD6850: bard perfs because of PCIE 16x 1.0 ?


Oct 19, 2011
Hi !

I come here because I have an issue with my actual computer.

My config:
E6750 OC @ 2.9 GHz, average temp 45-50°C.
HD 6850 (older card: HD4850)
4 Go PC 6400
Alim Fortron 500W
Motherboard Gigabyte G31M-ES2L (micro ATX).
Win 7 64b

The problem is that I have upgraded my GC in order to have better perfs in my games. But I didn't noticed any great improvements... here are some informations about it:
- TF2 (middle/high): average FPS: 30-40.
- The Witcher 2 (middle, without AA): average FPS: 30.
- Crysis 2 (DX11, high def texture pack, low/middle): average FPS: 20-30.
- Battlefield 3 (Beta, low): average FPS: less than 30.
- Battlefield Bad Company 2 (low/middle): average FPS: 30.

My resolution is 1680*1050.

A friend of mine has a HD4850, and his games run better on his computer than mine... (2 or 3 times better).

Here are some 3DMark 11 results:

Entry Level:


Performance Level:


I think it's because of my mobo's PCIE port: it's a 1.0 PCIE 16x port.

Am I right ? Do you think my perfs could increase if I buy a new mobo, with PCIE 16x 2.0 ?

Thanks !
What cpu does your friend have? Does he run the exact same settings and resolution?

I can't see there being much bottleneck if any with a 6850 and a 3ghz C2D. I guess it's possible.

What the heck is a Alim Fortron?? I would take a look at that, more likely that psu doesn't have enough juice.