Hd6850 vs. GTX 460?


I have heard that each of these cards are better than the other at some point in time. :heink: I was leaning towards the MSI cyclone gtx 460 1gb, but is the radeon hd6850 better? The hd6850 is cheaper and is ATI which has some perks. EYEFINTY BABY! What should I get? I plan to OC both. Also will the hd6850 fit in the following case: Rosewill R101-P-BK MicroATX Mid Tower PC Case. If not which radeon hd6850 will?
They are both sort of on the same playing field. The ATI 6850 bests the GTX460 1GB card in most cases by a small amount. There are a few games where the 460 slightly outperforms the 6850. At the end of the day either of these two cards will are a good choice and will overclock very well.
Wasn't HIS as a company shutting down?

I would suggest you get one from a different brand.

Your case seems to be quite big and would hold a HD6850 just fine. A mid tower case is pretty ok to hold these cards. Only issue is with the HD5970 which is as big as a truck!!!



But is that due to the driver IQ "cheat" that AMD are being accused of?
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