HD6990 low performance problem


Nov 12, 2012
Recently bought the HD6990 and dont know how to activate CF, where do I need to do it?
And also when I play games the fan never spins harder and FPS is verry low, I think that's because the settings are wrong.
I want that the card performs at full performance(max FPS), and theres no option in the CCC to do that I gues...

so 1 How do I need to activate CF on dual GPU cards(HD6990)
2 How do I need to set the settings to get the full performance out of my GPU.

Thanks and sorry for english


Your question is vague.

System specs? Drivers?... and FPS - What games and how many?

There is an option in CCC to enable CF for games with no application profile, other than this there is no need to enable CF with the 6990.

You can download MSI AfterBurner and control clocks, fan speed, voltage, etc... also use AB's OSD to monitor the card(s) in-game.


1) Download Driver Fusion HERE.
2) Download Catalyst 12.11 beta11 drivers HERE. but don't install.
3) Download Catalyst 12.11 CAP 2 HERE
4) Custom uninstall all AMD software through Control Panel, select everything and reboot.
5) Run Driver Fusion and clean AMD display drivers - reboot.
6) Re-install CCC and reboot.
7) Install the CAP profile and reboot.


Jul 17, 2009
thanks not the guy above but I've been kinda disappointed in my 6990 for a while ... its chugging on serious sam 3 on a single 1080p monitor finnaly got fed up gonna see what I can do with it.