Hi all - i5-3570k,Intel hd4000igp, Gigabyte GA z77 d3h mobo,8g ddr3 ram, 2 -500g int hdd,
1-160g+1-200g ext hdd, Seasonic X-650 PSU

Just a few days away from purch an hd7850 (or 7870 or 7770).
My mobo has VirtuMvp
My question is: Does Lucid Virtu MVP actually increase GPU card performance in real world use?
I've read conflicting scenarios and am hoping some of the forum users have experience to share.


LOL this is really freaky! I have the same exact build, motherboard and all LOL

Yeah virtu mvp really does help a lot! It can get a 7850 running better then the 7870 in most cases!

Hi - thanx for the confirmation (I now have hd7870) on Virtu,
do you have you monitor connected to your video cards
connector or to the motherboard connector?