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Question HDCP problems on my LG Monitors

Jul 10, 2020
Hey everyone,

I just built a system with three monitors. I used an HP Pavilion 27xw (which I had from a previous build), an LG 27UL500-W, and an LG 38WN95C Ultrwide. The HP uses HDMI and the two LGs are connected with Displayport cables. I noticed that when I stream movies from Amazon or Netflix the playback is SD. I clicked on the settings icon in Amazon Prime Video and it says, "HD Video Unavailable. Your video will play in standard definition because your computer hardware, HDMI cables, and display must all meet protection (HDCP) requirements for HD video."

My first step in troubleshooting was to unplug all the video cables and try just the HDMI on the HP monitor since I've had it for a while and knew it was reliable. HD playback worked, no issues. Then I took the HDMI and plugged it into each of the LGs individually. No HD playback. A third step I tried was to use the Displayport cables provide by LG instead of the OEM cables I was using. Still no joy. So, I've determined it's not the cables. It appears that the two LG monitors are not making the HDCP handshake properly with the streaming platforms.

A solution I considered was to get two splitters to strip the HDCP, but I'm worried about a loss of performance and quality. Also, two splitters plus an addition four Displayport to HDMI cables can be close to $100.

Any thoughts? Anyone have similar issues? Do y'all think the splitter solution would work and still give me 4K resolutions and 144Hz refresh rates?

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

*Doubt it matters, but the GPU is a Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700 XT