HDD Always at 100% Usage


Jan 13, 2014
At all times, even when idle, Windows 10 shows that my HDD usage is always at 100%, with it rarely dropping back to 0 and then quickly reaching 100 again a few seconds later. I've already run mbam and antivirus scans (bitdefender and AVG), both of which have found nothing. Originally, chkdsk stated that it "repaired" an issue but the problem persists. A full reinstall of Windows 10 has also not fixed the problem.

Whenever the usage is checked in Task Manager, it states that there processes have rather low usage (0.0 mb/s to 0.3 mb/s), but when switched to percentages around 0.2 mb/s is measured as ~70% of disk usage.

I use a Seagate ST1000DM003-1CH162 HDD, and the HDD itself is about 3 years old at time of writing this. Is there some kind of malware or issue that I might not be scanning for or that mbam/antivirus doesn't find, or is it about time for a new HDD?
Hey there, @RazePhalanx!

Make sure you backup you all your data from that HDD before proceeding with the troubleshooting, this is the surest way to avoid any potential data loss. Once you have your files safe and sound stored elsewhere, try swapping the SATA cable that is connecting the HDD and also check how the HDD usage would be if it's plugged to a different SATA port on the motherboard. It's also highly recommended you run the manufacturer's HDD diagnostic tool and check what is the health and SMART status. You should be able to find this brand-specific utility on their official website.

If the problem persists and there are any failing SMART attributes in the tests, you should most definitely replace the HDD.

Hope this helps. Keep me posted if you have more questions! :)