HDD causing PC to kick the bucket?


Jan 29, 2016
Hi all,

My apologise if this is the wrong thread cat as the reason for my problem could be many things.
I am going to attempt to try and explain whats happened in as much detail however also not rambling on.

So about 4 weeks ago i noticed my PC was running somewhat slower than i am used to however im not used to my PC being particularly speedy.
The "slow" PC would normally be on when i get to the log in page, i would see my wallpaper and click any key to bring up the text box to insert my password however i noticed that the text box to insert my password would take alot longer to come up than normal. After successfully logging in there would be a 2/3 minute period were i would let the PC think about what it was doing, i assumed this was due to having alot of start up programs.

One day i noticed it said my HDD was practically full so did a PC spring clean and uninstalled everything i dont use such as games and applications, i deleted everything from my download folder and all my songs and pictures from my pc. And then ran a Defrag on the pc and removed everything from the start up that didnt seem important.
Everything seemed to be fine after that.

One day i decided to re-install Elder Scrolls Online...and that is where my problems began.
This was about a week ago at most, i installed the ESO exe file and it began updating, after coming back an hour i noticed it had stopped installing due to an error. I restarted the PC and tried again to update the game, came back within the hour and same problem.

A notification came up talking about scanning my HDD for problems and i did, it came up with a good handful of errors and problems and did its fix, and asked for a restart.
I restarted the PC and was able to install and update the ESO game. Again all went fine,

The past 2 days i have attempted to log into my pc only to find it 10 times slower than it previously was, take around 40 minutes to log me in or do anything.
Tonight after waiting 40 minutes to log in the bottom windows bar wasnt there and appeared after about 5 minutes, the little blue circle was spinning the whole time. It wasnt letting me do anything, when i was finally able to do something i restarted my PC and attempted to log in one more time.

After it turned on i put in my password to log in and it said"Windows 10 cant sign into your account" and logs me into what appears to be a temp account. I cant access my documents through the C drive Users as it says its "C:\Users\{Name} is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupt and unreadable"

Im thinking its a faulty HDD? Could this be anything else? And is there anything i can do to try and fix this or will this be just needing a New HDD which will obviously mean a new OS.

Thanks for any help in this crappy time XD


"A notification came up talking about scanning my HDD for problems and i did"

In all likelihood you clicked accept on a scam. Nothing in Windows ever produces a notification like this, but legions of scam/viruses do.

The sudden slow down and now apparent inability to login to your real Windows account also makes this more likely.
If your HD is full or experiencing an issue, it may pop up something especially if using a monitoring utility. However nt much I can do for you w/o some basic information.

How old is HD ?
What make / model ?
Have you run Seatools (for Seagate) or whatever your HD manufacturer has on their web site ?
Have you examined your Windows System log w. event viewer looking for any issues ?
How old is that OS install ? On wife and kids boxes I do fresh install every year between Xmas and New years ?
Have you run Disk Cleaner ? (all boxes checked)
Have you done a *.dmp search on all drives and deleted any *.dmp files ?
Have you done a *.tmp search on all drives and deleted any *.tmp files ?