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Question HDD Causing PC to not boot?


Nov 23, 2014
I have an old 2TB Seagate External HDD, it was blinking green and not being recognized by my PC, I tried multiple data cables. I decided to shuck the drive and attach it directly to my PC, when it is attached the PC won't boot only the fans turn on for half a second after pressing the power button then I hear a clicking noise. I have tried multiple cables which have been confirmed working. The power supply is a Corsair 550w so it is more than capable. When I remove the drive the computer boots fine, does this mean the drive is broken and do I have any chance of recovery?

Phillip Corcoran

I had poor experience with all external Seagate drives (all three of them failed within months of purchase) so it's very possible yours has failed too, and if the clicking noise you mention is coming from that drive, that's often a classic sign of drive failure.

As for data recovery, too bad you didn't back it up when itwas working okay. Professional data recovery may be your only option now, but that can be prohibitively expensive.

You could try opening the enclosure, removing the drive and putting it in to a third-party enclosure, but I'm short on details as I've never attempted to do that (but I know it's been done successfully by other forum members. However, that would only be worthwhile if the Seagate enclosure is causing the problem, rather than the drive itself.