[SOLVED] Hdd click of death

Dec 30, 2019
Last year, my hdd died because of the click of death. I backed up everything, bought a new one and everything worked fine. The reason why first hdd died is (I think) game Ark survival evolved. It is hard game for low-end PCs like mine, and when I started playing it, after a month or so, hdd started clicking. I bought a new hdd and it worked good, until yesterday. Even though I thought first hhd died becauae of ARK, I decided to start playing it again on new hdd. And, after a month of playing, guess what, new hdd started clicking too( it's still not real clicking, it stops spinning and then starts again). So, my question is, is it really a problem in the game, where it is too strong for my pc? Or isi it just a hdd problem, where I got bad ones with bad lifetime?
P.s I check the life of a new hdd in hdd sentinel and it is still 100% health, so maybe something else is the problem.