Question HDD detected only for a few moments

Ahmed Hussein 12

Sep 28, 2014
Hello guys,

The whole thing started when I tried to disable bitlocker on my 1TB internal HDD 2.5'', it was taking so long that I tried to shut down, but the laptop didn't respond, so I left it overnight.
In the morning it was turned off, but when I started the laptop again, loading windows was extremely slow, eventually I bought another HDD, but now I want to save my data.
Using a USB-Sata adapter, the laptop recognizes the two partitions, but I can navigate through the first one extremely slowly (the other one is unaccessible), and this doesn't last long, before a small window appears "Turning off bitlocker 68%", and the partitions disapper immediately, although I still hear the normal HDD noise.
I have a lot of important data on this HDD, and I want to save as much data as I can, any advice woud be appreciated.

To be honest - it does sound like the hdd is about to die.
Any further attempts you do frome here may cause more damage to disk or filesystem corruption - or both.

If the data you have there is very important - thats bad, you proabably depend on a backup to revert those.

Or you can spend money to get a data recovery company to salvage your files.