HDD Failing then ... Lying?


Feb 9, 2012
Well my 2 hdds in my Raid 0 array failed, one after the other, the first one failed and i noticed after it said it finished installing the device and it was like WDC 26553!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))((. So naturally i checked the device manager and under Disk Management it said the striped volume failed to initialize and the second one was wiped... And it gets weird here... The drive told me it was over 12.5 Petabytes... PETABYTES 1000 TB = 1 PB so yeah its telling me its impossibly (For now) Huge Even in the BIOS it tells me its 1250TB. I gave up on it after about and Hr and a half of messing with it and just unplugged it and tossed it on my dresser and formatted the other drive and re-installed all my games from a backup i made like 4 days ago, luckily. But now (the same night my steam crashed and i checked and sure enough that one did the exact same thing! I dont know whats happening though.. is it failing, is this common for failing drives? Ive never experienced it. Im just royally confused.

Any help?
I worked with a lot of hard drive..and seen some issues like that. if there bulk drivers and there ser# are close to each other it could be that it shipping the drives were dropped. or it could be a firmware issue with the drives. wont hurt to send email to both the hd vendor and the mb or the controller that there connected too an email to see if anyone been having the same issue.
last one is hard ware issue in your pc. that the ps or the controller is killing those drives.