HDD faulty - replacement?


Jun 15, 2016
I ran a test on my laptop using UBCD, as Windows 10 was stuck on the 'Automatic Repair Tool' and it confirmed that the HDD was infact dead.

I have a few concerns about buying a new HDD, incase it doesn't work:

  • ■ The laptop was able to boot the DOS interface from a USB to run diagnostics, however it couldn't boot something graphical like Hirens - does this mean there is more than just a HDD issue?
    ■ I can't boot Hirens to retrieve the Windows product key, as the sticker has faded underneath the machine. I don't want to have to pay for Windows unnecessarily.
I ran a RAM test too, and there isn't anything wrong with the 4GB that it has.
It has an older i5 processor (gen 3 I'm pretty sure). Originally Windows 7, upgraded to Windows 10.
Welcome to the community, mrjasonh98!

I'd recommend you take your laptop to a professional PC repair service store where the tech guys would be able to perform full diagnostics on your system and, hopefully, find the source of your issues. Windows product key could get automatically activated once you go online, however, if you encounter any difficulties, contact MS Support for assistance.
You could try running some stress tests on the graphics card as well, and see if there's anything wrong with it as well.

Good luck! :)