Question HDD files disappearing after using disk cleanup

Oct 15, 2019

I bought an SSD to replace my old HDD yesterday, after installing windows,I updated windows and downloaded some software today and decided to clear all the windows files off the old HDD using disk cleanup

After it completed I booted steam (located on the HDD) and started to update some games (located on the HDD) so that I could move it to my SSD, after about 5 min steam crashed and when I opened up the hdd all I saw was "This folder is empty" The used space was still being shown but I couldn't access any files, If I try and open and shortcuts leading to the hdd I am greeted by "The item 'X' that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved..."

After restarting my pc I discovered that the drive became functional again and so I began to update the games once more but the drive just entered its "empty folder state" once more

Solutions I have tried so far

- "attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\. " cmd command

-Ticked off show hidden files and unticked Hide protected OS files

- Currently running an EaseUs disk scan (4.5 hrs left)

- Performed malware and virus scan

So far nothing has worked

Side note:
Booted the pc offline and disk worked fine for about an hour, I played some mp4 files and copied some of my files over the ssd and nothing happened, I went back online and tried to update the games again then the disc stopped working again. Just realized I have Utorrent opened and it was downloading an osu! beatmap pack, not sure if that had any impact

Any help will be greatly appreciated

If you have any questions that you think might help please ask away

HDD was working just fine before the disc cleanup