Hdd for storage and ssd for os


Jul 13, 2011
Hello everyone I'm looking for an answer. I'm currently building a computer for gaming. Here is what I want to do. I want to use two Corsair Sand force Series 40GB each SSD'S in Raid 0 so that gives me a 80GB boot drive right? Next I want to take a WD Caviar Black 1.5 TB drive and run for storage. Is this possible when i get full on my SSD or if i just plan to install windows only on it can I install games on the Storage Drive ???

Thanks in advance for your response :)
Is there any particular reason you want to use two 40GB SSDs instead of one 80GB? The 80GB should perform nearly as well (assuming you're using a model with the same controller from the same drive series) since the chips inside the drive are organized in what is essentially an internal RAID 0 configuration. And if you don't use RAID then the drive will be able to benefit from the TRIM commands issued by Windows to inform it of blocks that are no longer in use.

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