Question HDD freezes BIOS after repartitioning

Nov 13, 2019
Hello there,
Some time ago I decided to shrink my existing system volume on an old Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 (ST380013AS) to free some space for another Windows installation.
I've decrypted the disk (it was encrypted with BitLocker), then used Acronis Disk Director 12 (from bootable CD) to resize the partition but it just got stuck at the beginning. I waited for nearly 10 minutes before I noticed that HDD LED doesn't shows any activity. I clicked Cancel, but still no activity neither from the disk nor ADD so I had to reset. Then I booted back into Windows and used DiskPart's "shrink volume" feature. This gave me about a 3 GB of unallocated space, which, of course, isn't enough for Windows installation. I defragmented the volume, then DiskPart shown some more space as available for shrinking, but it failed for some reason. I used Acronis again, it got shrinked my volume to the desired size, but when I rebooted, I got stuck at the POST screen right after it has determined the drives. The drive was making pretty strange beeping noises, as if trying to position the head properly but failing over and over again.
I installed the drive into another PC and it got stuck after detecting that drive too (but sounds from the drive was pretty usual and it seemingly haven't tried to re-read something, just stuck in the silence). I bought an SATA to USB adapter and connected the drive through it, but got only these repeating beeps again.
I don't want to believe think that the drive is physically dead, through, as in the another computer the drive made it's normal sounds + every BIOS says that S.M.A.R.T. is okay. Mostly likely MBR corruption or something like that, but then why it isn't worked with the adapter?
I never had any problems with repartitioning and just using this drive normally before.

Any ideas on how to recover data from it would be greatly appreciable.

P.S.: It wouldn't worth the cost of recovery in the specialized lab, but anyways I feel kinda sad for loss of data that was stored on it.

Sorry for bad English.