HDD from SATA1 to RAID1 problem


Mar 29, 2012
For a reason even i dont know why, i unplugged my hard drive from SATA1 and plugged it in RAID1. Now all hell broke loose. On windows loading screen i get BSOD, tried booting from cd, after driver loading when windows is starting up BSOD again. Now after i made some changes in BIOS it says NTLDR missing. BSOD code is 0x00000024 ( 0x001902FE, 0xF7902218, 0xF7901F14, 0x00000001) . I reseted BIOS same thing, loaded deafult settings same again. Confusing part is that bios reads hdd drive, and later pc acts like it isnt there. Any suggestions please ?