Question HDD home platter swap. did not work, worth trying further

Sep 20, 2021
Hi, I've got a 1TB H2T1000854S 2.5" which stopped being deteced by Windows 10 after a book struck the HDD whilst switched off. The HDD would turn on, it would make a buzzing noise as if the reader heads had failed. I purchased a replacement (same model and firmware) and initially swapped the PCB board. This did not fix the problem and swapped the PCBs back. I then swapped the platter without removing the heads (like in this video:
) now the hard drive makes a noise as if the hard drive is unable to read from the platter here is my video of the noise (
) I think the platter may have become mis-aligned not really sure. Is it worth tyring again to fix, or asking a data company, not sure they will touch it if it sbeen opened before


doing a platter swap in a non clean room or unventilated area you could have made it worse.

There are special lights that you can get to see the dust particles, and just by opening it up in a non clean room you just allowed dozens if not hundred of dust particles in and once they hit the head they can damage the head, or worse, the platter.

Most companies will take it still. There are quite a few out there but the only place that has successfully gotten any data for me (Or i should say has ALWAYS gotten the data for me) is HDD Recovery Services. . Erkin is a great guy and is very knowledgeable. Even has his own youtube page.
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