[SOLVED] HDD in caddy

Sep 6, 2019
I've just change the HDD with a SDD and I want to buy a caddy to use the HDD as an extended memory (like an always big USB memory stick, just files, no apps) . I've installed the windows and the rest of the apps on the sdd and the speed of my laptop is amazing and I want to know if that speed will decrease if I put the caddy with the HDD?
It should not decrease.
The caddy obviously has nothing to do with it.
I do what you are planning on doing all the time.
Here's something I would advise if you have room on the HDD.
Every so often (I do this about once a month).....clone the SSD to the HDD.
This way....if you get a virus...or something screwed up on the SSD.....or the SSD itself fails....you can go back to a previous state.
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I will! Thank you! I was thinking that the boot time will increase because the caddy.
You're welcome.
I don't think the boot time should increase either....or if so....by a time so small you won't notice.
The main thing is to keep Windows and all your apps/games on the SSD.
What will slow you down is if an app/game has to access anything on the HDD.