Question HDD install on laptop caused it to no longer POST ?

Jul 27, 2021
I gave my 2014 MSI gaming laptop to my nephew and he installed a 1TB HDD into the empty slot on the laptop. Now it no longer POSTs even after taking out the new hard drive. When its turned on the screen stays black and the backlight on the keyboard doesn't turn on. There is a button to turn on the fans and that works as well as the LED to the power button and it faintly sounds like the laptop is doing something.

The chassis by the hinge is cracked that causes flexing but I checked for any internal damage it might have caused but it seemed to be fine with the hinge not affecting the MOBO. I thought it could be the display but we hooked it up to a separate screen with no results. I haven't heard beeps or seen any flashing LEDs to indicate troubleshooting help. I read that some hard drives can cause a short down the supply line. If that's the problem is there any self-fix? Or is the repair going to cost and/or be too much of a hassle?