Question HDD is becoming not initialized.

Dec 13, 2019
Hello, guys! There is a problem with my HDD. HDD is frequently becoming not initialized, either when I turn ON PC or in the middle of working.
Here’s my PC, I bought it about month ago:
CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X;
Motherboard: Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite;
GPU: Sapphire Amd Radeon RX 5700 XT Pulse;
RAM: Kingston HyperX FURY Black RGB 32 Gb;
HDD: Toshiba P300 2 TB
SSD: A-Data XPG SX8200 Pro (Windows 10 on it)
Power Supply: Be Quiet System Power 9 700W
I checked my HDD with some programs and monitored its temperature and everything is alright. Changing SATA port and SATA-cable and power cable didn’t help.
I also tried my old HDD WD and there is the same problem.
Before this problem(when everything was ok) I tried to update BIOS (it was f3), but then I saw endless Windows loading. I got f3 version back and windows is loading normally, But this problem begins to occur.
So, what can really cause HDD becoming not initialized?
Oct 25, 2020
Vovic have you found a vix by now cause i have the same problem atm and it drives me crazy i tried litterally everything but nothing seems to work. I got the same motherboard as you