Question HDD is shown in "This PC" but not in Disk Management ?


Nov 22, 2015
I've got a system with 5 hard drives in it, 1 2TB, 3TBs and my boot drive, 120GB SSD - gotta swap it out at some point.

So I did a clean install of windows the other day to clear up some issues I was having and I noticed one of the TBs had an unused OEM partition reserved bit on it, so I wanted to delete it. I downloaded disk partition, and deleted it, extended the drive. All is well in the world.

I don't keep anything on my C drive cause I don't have space, so redirected the directories to documents, music, etc, to these additional drives. I remoted into the system from at work so I was just going through the setup process cause I haven't had the time to do it face to face, and I finished redirecting the folders, and everything. Did a restart and two of the drives have swapped drive letters - I know this 'cos I also have the drives individually named.

I did another restart out of curiosity, and the drive letters swapped back to the original state. Now all the additional drives except the first TB I had, had these additional partitions, so I deleted the first one on the 2TB that worked well, then I just did the other two in one go. I'm wondering if that could caused the issue where the drive swaps the letter with every restart.

Additionally, the drive letter for one drive doesn't show in Disk Management, but it shows in windows (This PC) and I can still use the drive. I have a game installed on it that I was playing, stuff like that. I can copy from it, copy to it. But I can't change the letter in disk management, and the letter doesn't show in disk management. it's just disk 3, but it's not actually in the my list of drives there it tells me "the operation failed to complete because the disk management console view is not up to date." I refreshed it didn't matter.
I redownloaded partitionwizard and the drive shows there as well with the disk letter.

Any ideas on this one? It seems like people usually have the reverse, with the drive showing in disk management but not windows.