Question HDD keeps beeping and freezing, and has 100% disk usage ?

May 30, 2023
So my HDD has been beeping and freezing and using alot of disk usage after a Windows update (but I don't think that's the problem). i've been looking for another solution rather then buying a new HDD/SSD because I bought this one less than 3 months ago.

I checked the hard drive's health and Windows said that it's OK and doesn't have any problems when it obviously does. The weird thing is that it keeps using 100% disk usage and keeps beeping even though i'm not using the hardware, since only my games are on the SSD and Windows is installed on a separate SSD.

Please i really need help. i've been looking for a solution for about 5 hours and the HDD is still beeping in my ear as i'm typing this



Time to warranty the drive. Harddrives don't beep, they grind
You'll probably need to check it with the manufacturers utility first though.
Also check the drives SMART output with CrystalDiskInfo. I'm guessing you have a bunch of Uncorrectable and/or Reallocated sectors.